Black Liquid Eyeliner


About This Item


  • HANDAIYAN Black Eyeliner Liquid Pencil & Eyeliner Stamp.
  • Long Lasting Cat Eye. 
  • New Wing Style.
  • Create the perfect cat eye with this black, double ended eyeliner and winged stamp - long lasting, wearable easy to apply! 
  • It makes getting that perfect, even, wing eyeliner look quick, and precise. 
  • Just stamp with the winged shaped stamp, fill in the rest of your eyeliner, and your done.
  • One end of this eyeliner is a thin winged shaped stamp, the other is a felt eyeliner
  • Matte black in colour.
  • Animal testing and cruelty free.
  • Apply the wing, holding in place for a second or two then use the precision felt eyeliner to line your lash line and connect it to the wing. Define the wing further if you wish and leave for a few moments to dry into place. 
  • The eyeliner is also perfect for creating a guidline for a longer, sharper, bolder wing - wear it how you want it.


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